Anastasia Monrova - also known as Eve Carpenter - is the main protagonist of the Lifel1k3 series. She was born to the president of Gnosis Laboratories and his wife.

History Edit

Ana Monrova is the daughter of a genius scientist of Gnosis Laboratories and lived the first 15 years of her life in Babel Tower. She spent her days with her siblings along with Lifelikes, a series of robots with artificial intelligence, developed by her father. During the attack on the Monrova family - caused by the Lifelikes after Nicholas Monrova used them to kill everyone who stood in his way - Ana was the only one to survive. While her family members died, she was rescued - though with life-threatening injuries - by Ezekiel and Doctor Carpenter. Doctor Carpenter took Ana with him, giving her a new identity as his granddaughter Eve Carpenter.

Trivia Edit

  • Ana is into mythology and collected books concerning this topic when she was younger.
  • Ana's weapon of choice is an electric baseball bat she lovingly named Excalibur.
  • Faith is modeled after Eve.