Nicholas Monrova was the president of Gnosis Laboratories and co-developer of the Lifelike robots. He was furthermore the father of Ana Monrova and ultimately killed by Gabriel.

History Edit

Nicholas was the president of Gnosis Laboratories and developed the robots later named Lifelike. While his wife seemingly felt uncomfortable around them, Nicholas even called them his children. After Raphael killed himself, the board of Gnosis Laboratiories - especially Lila Dresden - demanded that the Lifelikes are brought offline, but Nicholas refuses to do it. Only a few days later the family decides to go on a trip to Megopolis when a bomb explodes underneath the ramp of their shuttle. The explosion killed Grace when she shielded Nicholas from the impact and caused Ana to end up in the medcenter.

After this incident, Nicholas stopped trusting everyone outside his family since the attack had to come from within Gnosis. He then resolved to remove the board members with the help of the Lifelike. Nicholas created a nanovirus, which he called Libertas. It was a program that erased the Three Laws in a lifelike’s core code. He infected Gabriel with it and had him kill every sitting board member except Silas. To ensure Myriad could never be used against him, he reprogrammed the artificial intelligence to take orders only from himself or a member of his family. After that, Gnosis was a fascist state under Monrova control.

Gabriel still suffered from Grace's death and so he stole the nanovirus and infected his fellow Lifelike. Together they seized Babel's upper levels and captured - and ultimately killed - the Monrova family. At the same time, Ezekiel got Silas, but they only arrived in time to rescue Ana while the rest of the family was already dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicholas called the Lifelike his children.
  • Gabriel was modeled after Nicholas.